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Tatooine, Mos Eisley Cantina

"I haven't seen a display of fighting skills like that in quite a while. I should be the one buying you a drink after that display."

The Mandalorian laughed heartily. "That was nothing. You should've seen me against these two Iridorians. That was a good one."

"I think we should discuss our business somewhere else. I have a feeling that this place is going to be swarming with more stormtroopers any moment now."

"Agreed.", Elyshar said. "I have a ship we could talk freely on. It's in one of the docking bays."

Tatooine, Eastern Dune Sea, Rebel Heavy Cruiser Crash Site

Darrek Ulgo awoke some time after the ship had crashed. His vision was heavily disoriented, and he looked around to see his surroundings. The bridge was destroyed - with transparisteel littering the floor, exposed power cables, collapsed ceiling, some burnt metal, and much of the surroundings simply wrecked. Just a huge mess. He pulled himself up, and tried to find a way out. He saw an opening, but it was impossible to pull himself through it in his current state. He instead walked down what used to be the hallway that connected the bridge to the rest of the ship.

He turned to see a blood pool where he was laying, and he was making a blood trail. He nearly collapsed as he went further down the hallway. He shook his head, taking a left to see a collapsed hallway. He was beginning to see more sand the deeper he went into the ship, until it essentially became the floor. He saw a large opening and pulled himself through it.

It was now, free of the ship's confines, that he took a good look of his state. Much of his armor was melted or broken, and there were shards of metal that were buried in his mesh. His visor also had a very large crack through it, and most of the built-in programs were inoperable. He looked ahead to see two crash sites, and he wondered if they were shot down from the space battle too. He made his way to one of the ships, but collapsed from exhaustion when he was halfway there.

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