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Avriela turned around and saw that Varik was onboard the ship. She was torn for a brief moment. Was it possible that Zarev was somehow still alive? That he could be saved?

But a moment later she was forced to dismiss the thought. Right now what mattered was getting the Shan away from the corrupted troopers.

"Everyones onboard! Now get us out of here!"

Vlalkor nodded and at that moment threw all of the spare power they had to the engines which caused the ship to quickly move out of the way of some of the heavier guns that the troopers had set up. As the Shan finally moved out of range of the weapons and headed for the sky Avriela turned to look at Vlalkor.

"I'm going to head back and check on everyone. Can you try to get some repairs done to the engines from here?"

Vlalkor nodded. "I should be able to reroute power from some of the other system so we can make it to our next destination. Where are we heading by the way?"

"Taris." Avriela said quietly. "Set course for Taris as soon as we are able."

Vlalkor nodded again and began to work on the repairs as Avriela headed for the cargo bay. The first person she saw was Per'dra.

"Excuse me...Jedi Per'dra?" She asked gently. "How are you holding up? Do you need anything?"

Vlalkor thought for a moment and snapped his fingers. He set the computer to begin calculations for the hyperspace jump to Taris and headed for the medbay where he saw Light and Kif.

"Alright." he said as he saw Kif. "I've had some medical training but I think we should put him in the kolto tank as soon as possible until he gets his strength back."

Canyon floor

At the bottom of the abyss...among the pieces of debries and the bodies of a few of the corrupted republic solders who had been knocked over the edge by Varik's final attack...there was movement.

A small piece of debries shifted slightly as something under it moved slightly. The debries moved a bit more as a slight groan of pain echoed through softly.

Too weak...Zarev thought as his eyes slowly opened. The Jedi was in a tremendous amount of pain. One of his arms was badly broken, three of his ribs were most likely broken but somehow his legs had escaped serious injury.

Master...he thought. How did you do this? How did you bring me back?

A soft voice echoed through his mind. You are my apprentice and there is a bond between us. I have used the last of my force energy to bring you back. This is my final gift to you: Your life, knowledge of how to drive away the corruption that this dark figure brings...and possibly saving Per'dra and your friends.

Zarev's eyes widened for a moment and then narrowed as he began to force his way out from the debries.

"Per'dra..." he whispered softly. "I promise that I'll see you again." he whispered as he managed to get out from under and forced himself to crawl towards a large outcropping of rocks.
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