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Originally Posted by Rogue15 View Post

the only way to get rid of fat is cut carbs (bread, rice, pasta) bad calories (soda, alcohol, candy), and eat spinach, chicken, meat, fish. nothing fried. and increase protein with protein shakes, i started doing that last week and i'm starting to see results already. lost 5 pounds in a week. oh yes, also you have to be drinking water as that helps burn the fat.

i don't lift weights, i do calisthenics, they make all the muscles work!
Actually if you just cut calories you can cut fat. Doesn't matter if it is carbs, fat or protien. Tho to feel "Fuller" with less calories it is better to have a high fiber diet.

I have lost 15 pounds in the last 8 weeks because I cut my calories down do an intake of 2400 per day

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