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"Per'dra...I promise that I'll see you again."

Per'dra blinked at Avriela, hearing Zarev's voice in her mind, and then sighed. Was it a message through the Force, or simply an echo of a fantasy in her own imagination? Regardless, she knelt before the exSith and spoke her mind:

"Thank you, Avriela, and yes, there is something I desperately need. You were Sith, and so you likely have more insight into the mind of this parasite and murderer than I do. Why did he take Zarev, for instance? Was he weak, or at least any weaker than the other Jedi aboard this ship? What about me? I could just as easily have been his target! Also, does he want anything more than the full conquest of this galaxy? Not so long ago, there was a Dark Lady Traya. She wished the death and destruction of the Force itself. Please think back. This presence, whoever he is, controls not only Voleran but others as well. Why has he chosen possession as his tactic over more conventional mass slaughter? I need answers, and though you may not have all, please help me understand..."
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