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"You don't have to tell ME twice," murmured Enobaria as she walked quickly toward the doors of the cantina. Since she had no blood, gore, or other ghastly remnants of a lethal fight splattered all over her body, she found it easier to sneak out with the rest of the panicked crowd, humans and aliens alike, than others did. Once she was outside the doors, she ducked behind a trash bin.

"Greetings," the trash bin said. "I am L-382. Please deposit your garbage within me, the proper receptacle. I am a licensed and classified disposal droid."

"I'm not garbage," Enobaria said, "but can I hide inside you anyway?"

"Whatever for?" said the droid. "Very well, madam. Climb in." With that, the former Republic spy clambered into the bin and shut the lid firmly. Outside, she could hear more stormtroopers charging inside the cantina.
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