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Originally Posted by 90 SK View Post
I feel like this is big news, I'm not very plugged in to the news right now so I can't tell how big of an impact this is making but they're basically threatening war right? What's our terror alert right now? I also feel like this is a threat against the west, not just a threat against the US. Like, pushing back basically, against all the Western based globalization.
You know, if it were three decades ago, 'Western Globilization' would be a real problem. However both China and India have joined that mix, so it isn't just us horrible Europeans and Americans anymore.

As for Korea, it's simple. The US, pushed the non-proliferation pact. The UN ratified it. if you look at this link; you will see that except for five nations world wide, it was accepted. This is not, as that idiot I argued with back in the last century to stop other nations from advancing, it's to stabilize a very volatile issue.

Korea is catching flak because up until 2000, They were signatories. Under the treaty you are required to first publicly repudiate it, then after 90 days, you can begin production or design. Korea was, in other words, caught with their hands in the cookie jar, denied, it, whined about how mean those horrible nasty Americans are (It was the UN that caught them, and ordered them to cease and desist, not us) then boasted about what they had, and now, what they will do with it.

As I also pointed out in another post above, the reason the UN is standing back like the mother saying 'wait til your father gets home', it's because if Korea launches at anyone, they will expect us to clean up the mess, remove the problem, then get yelled at for over reacting.

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