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Originally Posted by VeniVidiVicous View Post
@Bob Saget

Interestingly the European news network did a different piece entirely:

While not a fan of North Korea I think they'd be suicidal to kick off a war while the US is backing SK.

The point i'm trying to make I suppose is that when these sanctions are imposed on countries (like Iraq in the 90's for example), it's never the political elite but the poorer people there that feel the squeeze.
I suppose i'm saying two wrongs don't make it right.
Um... okay. Soo the story you posted left off the fact that the US and South Korean military do this every year, and informed the North Koreans that they were performing these exercises. It also had hardly ANY detail at all, and seemed more about the PACIFIST DEMONSTRATION than the situation. Sooo if you want to be less informed I guess Euronews should be your source.

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