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"How is Corsail? I didn't see him on my way in. I'm surprised he isn't in here, since he was pretty banged up when we went to get Kif."

Corsail sumbled into the medbay where Light, Vlalkor, and Kif were. Almost falling over, he gripped a near by shelf unit to help keep his balance. "Sorry for being late, I was busy standing up." He said sarcastically. He managed to make his way to one of the medical benches to sit down. "Anyone want to explain what just happened? One second we were fighting a sith lord, the next we're attacking Zarev, who was apparently attempting to destroy the ship."

Corsail was having trouble focusing on anything, and was close to passing out from all the pain he was in. "Why did he throw himself off the building? Was Zarev a traitor? Or...." He stopped, trying to connect the pieces.

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