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Originally Posted by machievelli View Post
Now we have Kim Jong Un, raised to believe his word is law in NK, and believes it should be with the world. Again, as I mentioned, all of NK's problems are caused by the US. Starvation in his own country, caused by sellling food overseas to 'prove' his nations productivity, is explained to his people by us not allowing them to buy their needs. The UN would not be warning about sanctions if the US did not demand them.
I fail to see how all the problems in NK are caused by the US. It's a well-known fact that even with our sanctions, the US sends (or up until recently they did) food, medicine, etc. as aid to the people of North Korea quite regularly. It's also known that the government/military (whatever you want to call it) steals the aid and sells it on the black market to its people.

As oppressed and isolated as the general population of NK is, they're still human, and they're not stupid. The US sends their aid with clearly marked packaging and when they finally get their hands on the food/medicine, they probably ask themselves why they are getting this stuff from the US when all their lives they've been told that the US is absolute evil. Regardless, it's the fact that they have families to feed, and they know that they can't do anything about it.

The US isn't the one who put into place a tyrannical dictator who rules with an iron fist (I think it's safe to say that he's up there with someone like Stalin or worse). People blame the United States for things like this for one reason or another...but when will people realize that the US, for so many years, had the right idea in challenging the idea of Communism (I'm not saying the ways in which it was challenged were always acceptable). People get sucked into an idea that cannot exist in the real world, and they give power to people like Kim Jong-Un.

North Korea is in the situation that it's in because the dynasty that continues to rule over the people truly believe that they are gods among men. The oppression of the people is not the result of the United States imposing its will upon what you paint as a helpless country.

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