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The back door to the tavern swung open and admitted a slender figure with tousled blonde hair, dressed in dark, supple leather and soft, but functional cloth the color of evergreen trees. Carwyn Stormchild was never much of a drinker, and the fact that they didn't have anything but water and beer at this tavern was a bit of a letdown. Always one to try new things, he had had one tankard of ale before he had to trot out back to relieve himself. Even as he entered, he felt his legs wobble a little so he had so slow down to catch himself on a stool.

Stumbling over to the bar, he gripped the polished wood counter and hauled himself back into a seat before reaching over to waggle an accusatory finger at the bartender. "Sooooo.... just how shtrong is that stuff? Because I'm pretty sure it's not legal in whatever kingdom we're currently in."

The bartender chuckled at Carwyn before sliding a glass of water over to the tipsy ranger. "You pansy. Drink that before you expire on my bar."

Carwyn groaned as he took the glass and put it to his lips. "Buaaah..." he exhaled miserably after downing half of the water. "I just wanted a cookie."
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