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"I could use some help with the repairs though. Certain repairs are going to require two people. If you've got a minute do you think you could give me a hand with them?

"Yeah, of course. I'm pretty good with ships, so just let me know what you would like me to help you with. And if you let me know what systems you think I should fix or salvage in my free time, I can handle that too."

Light looked at Corsail, noting his comment about standing up and felt bad for not having seen him on the way in. At least Kif could've gotten to the med-bay with only one person's help. Corsail looked like he should have been carried in on a stretcher.

He waited for the conversation to reach a point where he could interject his theory on the events.

"I just don't know."

"There was a lot of Force activity going on back there. We know someone was controlling the troops from what we encountered at the base before leaving. I think very few people would have the power to take control of those troops. He might have gotten to Zarev somehow. Seems like he had no problems controlling many people, so Zarev must have been strong enough to fight him, at least somewhat. My guess is that he is either the guy we are tracking, or that guy is just a puppet and this mission is a lot more complicated than we thought."
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