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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Anyone who voted for anything BUT the Holiday Special must not have SEEN the holiday special, and they should all be forced to sit through a full showing of it strapped in a chair "A Clockwork Orange" style until they have a grasp of the unholiness that was unleashed upon Star Wars when they did it.
Has anything else in SW come close?

(And no, I never saw it)

Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
For me it's the edits. The prequels had a lot more wrong with them that couldn't be fixed by just taking out Jar Jar or young Anakin. But the edits make the movies that I love less enjoyable to watch. Maybe now that George is out of the way, Disney will finally give us an official means to watch the pre-specialized editions of the movies.
The only edits I don't mind are those that provided consistency with stuff that was introduced later in the EU.

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