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With her pack pony loaded up, the short, slight woman with mousy brown hair and wide dark eyes, headed towards the Tavern. She didn't know if she would find what she was wanting inside, but she had to give it a go.

As she stepped over the threshold of the dimly lit place, one thing was clear. It was not where she wanted to be. There were a few rough looking characters in here. Some furtive looking ones as well. And some who didn't look like they quite belonged, which made her wonder if they might be the kind with only one oar at the picnic that her father had told her to be wary of. She swallowed hard, smoothed her dress, then strode purposefully to the bar.

"One glass of milk and two cookies, please," she said to the bartender. He glared at her. In response, she raised her chin higher and squinted one eye half-closed, trying to look mean. "For my horse," she added posthaste. "And I'll have...," she nodded in the direction of virtually everyone, "what they're having." The ability to feign downing a strong drink was not unfamiliar to her, and she hoped that it would at least fool some folk into thinking that she was not weak, or frail, or barely able to lift a sword let alone use one. It just wouldn't do for a merchant to not be able to hold their own in the caravan. "And make it a double," she added, just to be sure she was getting her point across.

The bartender rolled his eyes, then sighed. "So, that's a double water, a glass of milk, and two cookies." He sighed. "Chocolate chip or peanut butter."

"Erm... peanut butter, please," she said meekly. "Chocolate's not good for ponies."

She sat down gingerly on the nearest stool, perched precariously on the edge of the seat in case she had to make a quick exit, while she waited for the bartender to fetch her drinks and cookies. Next to her sat a blonde haired man who, even though he was dressed like a ranger, seemed a bit... oarless at the moment. She couldn't help but stare, but then not wanting to be seen as completely rude, she introduced herself to him.

"Hi, I'm Aya. You, erm, traveling with the caravan today?"

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