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((Sorry for the long wait, Computer problems so I had to use a different one.))

"Yeah, of course. I'm pretty good with ships, so just let me know what you would like me to help you with. And if you let me know what systems you think I should fix or salvage in my free time, I can handle that too."

Vlalkor nodded. "First off we have to fix the shields and the shield generator. Both took quite a beating from Zarev and knowing our luck we'll probably run into trouble again."

Like I said earlier the laser cannons are beyond repair but we do have a concussion missile launcher so we're not totally helpless. The main repair priorities are Shield, Engines, computer core and hull damage. The damage to the hull can wait until we land on Taris but the computer core lost quite a bit of data during the attack so we need to work on trying to recover what data we can. After that we can work on shields and engines."

"There was a lot of Force activity going on back there. We know someone was controlling the troops from what we encountered at the base before leaving. I think very few people would have the power to take control of those troops. He might have gotten to Zarev somehow. Seems like he had no problems controlling many people, so Zarev must have been strong enough to fight him, at least somewhat. My guess is that he is either the guy we are tracking, or that guy is just a puppet and this mission is a lot more complicated than we thought."

"I agree with Light. I think that someone is controlling these people. If someone is controlling Voleran than we're in trouble. I read up on his files. He was an extremely powerful Jedi master and if someone could break through his mental defenses and take control we're going to be in trouble when we find him."

Vlalkor looked over at Avriela and Per'dra and than over at Varik. "So...who's in charge of the mission now? I assumed Zarev was the leader and now that he's gone...we need a new leader."
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