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Exclamation Community Project: Holiday Mods

Hello fellow people of Holowan,

Sithspector has given me permission to host this community project, "Holiday Mods". Every 3 months or so, there is a major holiday, "Halloween -> Christmas" and during the three month time period [Or even less!] you guys have to send me as many textures, skins, models, or quests to add into the certain holiday mod we are focused on. This project will go on until December 25, 2013

Holidays: Easter, May the Forth [Star Wars holiday], Forth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

As I post this, the holiday mod we are focused on is, "EASTER" We only have until March 31st

Anything you guys send to me will be injected into the game, maybe needing minor changes. The top contributor will get a special edition of the focused mod, so hurry!


Once MrObiWan

If you need help with textures on any KotOR/TSL mod, feel free to contact me.

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