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((Once again, I apologize for the long wait.))

Dune Sea

As the sand continued to shift and threatened to bury the two of them, Varias continued to hold the sand at bay with her force barrier. After a short amount of time, the sand stopped shifting and finally stopped. The former Cathar jedi almost dropped to the ground due to exhaustion but just barely managed to keep on her feet.

She looked over at the human and smiled. "I think that was the worst of it. But right now we may have a bigger problem. That was a rebel ship that went down and knowing how much the Imperials hate the rebellion they're most likely going to send out squads to search the wreckage for survivors."

She looked over in the distance at the figure who was laying out in the sand. "I'm going to assume he's a survivor. We need to get to him before the imps do and then we need to get out of here as quickly as we can before the imps show up."
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