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"First off we have to fix the shields and the shield generator. Both took quite a beating from Zarev and knowing our luck we'll probably run into trouble again."
"The damage to the hull can wait until we land on Taris but the computer core lost quite a bit of data during the attack so we need to work on trying to recover what data we can. After that we can work on shields and engines."

"The computer is probably also the easiest of the things we should fix, but undoubtedly the most crucial. We can slice any undamaged data stores and boot them on to a spare, then connect that to the hub and force the computer to boot from there. I can probably insert any missing data fairly easily, though we should get most of it back."

Light paused for a moment.
"Assuming we don't have another battle, the engines should be second priority, but if we could have someone work on the shield generator while we fix the other issues, we will cover all our bases."

"So...who's in charge of the mission now? I assumed Zarev was the leader and now that he's gone...we need a new leader."

Light raised an eyebrow at the trooper. "Isn't it obvious that it should be you? I don't think that you, Corsail, or Kif would trust the decisions of a Force-user right this minute, due to recent events, and both of the others are hurt and don't have the proper experience."
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