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"I agree with Light. I think that someone is controlling these people. If someone is controlling Voleran than we're in trouble. I read up on his files. He was an extremely powerful Jedi master and if someone could break through his mental defenses and take control we're going to be in trouble when we find him."

Corsail took the painkiller and waited for it's effects to start, it only took a few seconds for it to kick in.

"Zarev and all those republic troopers were being controlled, and possibly Voleran aswell?" Corsail shook his head, "If we're fighting an enemy who can hack into our minds and do as he pleases anytime he wants to, then what chance do we have against him?"

He looked down at his holsters and remembered that Avriela still had one of his blasters. I'll have to get that back sometime. He thought to himself. "At any rate, we can't keep doing what we're doing. If we keep following Voleran around he'll always stay one step ahead, we have to figure out where he'll be before he's there."

"Isn't it obvious that it should be you? I don't think that you, Corsail, or Kif would trust the decisions of a Force-user right this minute, due to recent events, and both of the others are hurt and don't have the proper experience."

Corsail thought about it for a moment before speaking. "Actually, If I had my choice of the group, i'd probably select you, Light. I agree with the way you handle things, and it's seems you've had at least some experience in leadership. Just my personal opinion though." He said, looking around to see if there was a second kolto tank that he could use.

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