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Its been a hard five years for me as a Star Wars fan, I've been continually biting my tongue, as LF made more and more decisions that were pushing me away from my favorite thing.

I'm happy that the Clone Wars was Important and interesting for some fans, in the second Dark times era, I really am. Some of the testimonials from people since the announcement of its demise are akin to someone losing a parent or finding religion... its beyond me to be honest, but its a testament to the shows quality.
But I'm so excited about the future possibilities for Star Wars now.

Cinematic releases, Check.
Me excited about Star Wars again, Check.
New Animated series, Check, possibly more photo-realistic and adult orientated, Hopefully. Set in an unseen era, check (The Clone Wars era is the most overused era in history)
A re-thinking of how the continuity and canon is treated, fingers-crossed.
A re-launch of with the forums, blogs, EU-encyclopedia reinstated? Please!?

Live action films, The Expanded Universe, and fan interaction... Not much to ask for, but to me, that's all that counts.

Good times, Bad times, we all have em, Just glad its my time for some Good ones again

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