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Enobaria climbed out of the disposal bin - that is, the droid - and thanked him - er, it. She then walked over to Daceros. "Thanks for the offer of an escort. I daresay that you're far more skilled at the martial arts, while I favor intrigue. Zothressk, my Trandoshan contact, is a perfectly balanced prototype of what a survivalist should be: warrior, engineer and diplomat all in one. I admire him." She then weighed her options about what to tell or conceal from Daceros. "As a weapons specialist for the Republic, he was second to none. I even suspect that he was working on a certain 'special project' that would target the Sith and their ilk. He may not be able to use the Force, but Zothressk certainly knows how it operates. That means against the Empire, he'll be a monster, if I can find him."
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