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A grizzled black destrier cantered through the dirt roadways of the town of Akebono, silent save for the distinctive clop-clop of it hooves and an occasional snort. Its rider was shrouded in a cloak of very dark brown with the hood up, disguising the identity of the wearer. Travelers who appeared this way tended to want to be left alone, so the villagers gave the destrier a wide berth as it moved purposefully towards the tavern.

The destrier came to a stop just outside the wooden building and its rider dismounted with uncommon grace. The cloaked figure ran a gloved hand over the destrier's broad neck as it moved to secure the reins to the wooden post rising from the ground. The figure briefly turned its attention to the other horse that was tied up, a chestnut brown pony with inquisitive eyes. It then strode towards the tavern doors, worn brown boots padding noiselessly on the ground. Pushing the door open, the figure made a quick reconnoiter of the room before making its way to the bar. Taking a seat next to the brown-haired woman, it doffed its gloves, tossed them on the counter and pulled its hood back, revealing golden blonde tresses, secured into a ponytail.

Aeron Blackburn raised her hand at the barkeep to get his attention. "Excuse me," she called out, her voice even and measured, with clipped pronunciation. "I would like a glass of water, please, when you are able."
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