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Dune Sea

"My name is Tyler, and I am in your debt."

Varias turned and extended her hand and smiled. "My name is Varias. And you have nothing to fear from me. Before Order 66 I was a jedi knight. Now my only enemy is the Empire and those who stand with it."

She looked him over for a moment. "If I may ask...are you with the Rebellion by any chance?"

Mos Eisley

"Thanks for the offer of an escort. I daresay that you're far more skilled at the martial arts, while I favor intrigue. Zothressk, my Trandoshan contact, is a perfectly balanced prototype of what a survivalist should be: warrior, engineer and diplomat all in one. I admire him."

Daceros smiled as he pulled his battle worn helmet off the back of his armor and placed it on his head and shook it slightly as the HUD targeting system activated. "To be honest, back in the cantina that was the first time in a long time that I stood up to the Empire. Most likely would have been the only time as well if you hadn't shown up and asked for help."

He looked down at Enobaria and smiled grimly. "At one point I was part of a Mandalorian clan. A clan that valued honor. But the Empire exterminated us for refusing a mission. Now I'm the only one left." He said as he headed towards the stormtroopers.

"Halt. Present your ID chip." The lead stormtrooper ordered. Daceros smiled darkly under the helmet as he pulled it out of one of his poches and handed it to the stormtrooper. The stormtrooper looked at the chip and then up at him and quickly raised his blaster rifle. The other two raised their weapons and pointed them at Daceros.

" looks as if one of Clan Jikor survived. We'll have to fix that won't we?"
The stormtrooper chuckled. Daceros didn't make a sound and the trooper stopped laughing.

"There's a reason I survived where the rest of my clan died." He said quietly as he pulled out a blaster pistol and shot the first trooper directly in the center of his helmet. "I knew when I was outmatched."

He quickly turned to look at Enobaria and motioned for her to get down as the other two began firing their blasters at him. He ducked the first few shots, grabbed one the troopers and threw him at the other one. While both of them were on the ground he quickly shot them both in the head.

"As a weapons specialist for the Republic, he was second to none. I even suspect that he was working on a certain 'special project' that would target the Sith and their ilk. He may not be able to use the Force, but Zothressk certainly knows how it operates. That means against the Empire, he'll be a monster, if I can find him."

Daceros looked down at the dead troopers and back at Enobaria. "If what you say is true...the Empire would be in serious danger. Unfortunatly that also means that they may be looking for him as well. We need to find him first."

An alarm began to sound and Daceros could hear the sound of heavy bootsteps heading in their direction. He looked at the Twi'lek and at Darasuum. "We really need to leave now before they begin locking down the hanger bays."

Caves of the Dune Sea, Tusken Raider Hideout

"You didn't come here to get captured by the tuskens, and listen to me I take it? What is a wookie doing all the way out on tatooine? What were you hoping to find amongst the sands of the Dune Sea?"

((I have fought against the Empire since it formed.")) Rarakor grunted. (("If you are an enemy of the Empire than you may fear nothing from me."))

(("I am not on this planet by choice. I am the Avenger of Kashyyyk and I am searching for a certain Imperial squad that was responsible for the death of my Wife Chalurra and my son Arribecca. They were killed when the Empire attacked our village and now I hunt them across the stars. My ship crashed here due to damage from a previous battle.))
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