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Originally Posted by greggomonkey View Post
keeping in mind that north korea has an alliance with china that wouljd render The US and China effectively at war. unless they defied the truce china would be at war as well. I have a feeling that given The debt China is owed that NK probably gets a silent slap from china telling them to grow up
If you have the chance, read Red Phoenix by Larry Bond where he portrays a second Korean War, both China and Russia (Still communist) assisted as they had before. However when Kin Jong Il (Still not the Dear Leader as he was called) refused to admit defeat, his allies abandoned them.

Now look at the modern day. Korea has probably already tried the quiet slap both with Jong Il and his son, and it slowed them down but didn't stop them.

Neither China nor Russia wants a a nuclear war on their border. If Korea pushes enough that one occurs, they will have as I pointed out, three nuclear powers ready to settle their hash.

China may have a mutual defense treaty, but as Tom Clancy commented about the constitution; 'that is not a suicide pact

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