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Originally Posted by greggomonkey View Post
agreed, I just think that even as stupid as they are they will eventually come into the 'issue' that the US and Russia had during the cold war. If they press that button then they start a war where they risk all of humanity, not just their country.
At the moment, Korea is at the same point as the Russians When we fought the last Korean war, except for one point:

At that time, there were only two nuclear powers; the US and the Soviets. The Soviets had finally developed their delivery system; the Tupolev 4. Like Korea, they had help from of all people, us.Truman was trying to maintain our industrial presence, and one way we did was start selling things like airliners overseas, starting with the Model 377 later named the Stratocruiser. The Russians, who were desperately reverse engineering the B29s that had been interned in their country bought several sets of landing gear, the one portion of the plane they had the most problems with, and had revealed it just the previous year.

Hower in 1948, while Russia was boasting about having the atom bomb, we quiet;ly announced the development of the Hydrogen bomb, and they knew we were already developing tactical nukes that could be carried by light bombers and fighters.

As I jokingly told a friend when his daddy made the same threats; this is like a street gang deciding to take on the local police of a major city. Kim doesn't have the warheads or delivery systems needed to deal a knockout blow(That is the one point I mentioned above). He'll get his few licks in, and we'll remove his country from the map. We won't reach the Mutually Assured Destruction level with them for twenty years. Before that, it will be a losing proposition. So threatening us doesn't help the situation.

This is exactly what the Nonproliferation treaty was written and passed to stop, because every new nuclear power (By estimates made by analysts, if it had not been passed there would be 40 nuclear powers now instead of eight) throws the balance of power and threat off even more. You don't have to worry much about the ones who have had them the longest; we've been there and done that already, and know it's a great deterrent, but little else. It's the new ones who want to threaten.

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