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Light returned to the med-bay ahead of the two female members of the group,
"They're coming."

As he finished his sentence the door opened again, revealing Avriela followed by Per'dra. Now that everyone was assembled, Light felt he needed to share what had already been said with the previously absent pair.
"So, we were talking about who should be the new leader of our group. I suggested Vlalkor, due to two reasons. The first was that he has experience and training, and the second was that distrust of our Jedi --erm-- force-users may be higher due to our recent trials with Zarev and Varik. Corsail and Varik suggested that I would be a good candidate, being that I have experience and that, as a Gray Jedi, they agree with most of my decisions up to this point."

Light cleared his throat and continued. "I wanted to see what everyone thinks, and, with Kif being the obvious exception, now would be a good time for it. So, um, if you will?"
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