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Very few members of the group recognize the differences between Zarev's and Varik's possessions, but, who knows? It is highly likely that at least Varik knows, and there is the possibility that Avriela knows as well. Per'dra doesn't seem aware, though it is possible she is covering for Varik.

With a glance and a nod in Varik's direction, Light spoke up, "Yes, it seems that our Force users are a little more vulnerable to these possessions."

He looked at each member of the group that he thought might know: Varik, Per'dra, and Avriela. "In any event, we don't know precisely how it is done. We have a mission to do, and it is convenient to have a leader. Who do you think should be the leader here, Avriela? Vlalkor?"

He directed the question at these two, both because they hadn't answered, and because it would distract everyone from the possessions.

I'll have to take Varik aside, and figure out all the details before we share it with the group. If it comes out at the wrong moment, in the wrong way, some of us may decide that he is the bad guy. We can't afford to lose more members of the group.
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