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Dune Sea

"I thought Jedi were supposed to be much calmer than to name a whole group their enemy. I am 'with' no one, though I support most of those who oppose the Empire. You may be Jedi, or you may not. However, so long as you do not side with the Empire, I will pay my debt to you."

Varias couldn't help but raise an eyebrow in confusion as Tyler began walking towards the figure who was out in the sand. Not the reaction I usually get...still, as long as he's not with the Empire he has nothing to fear.

She shrugged and started heading towards the figure, she soon found herself walking side by side with Tyler and they soon reached the figure. She knelt down next to the figure who appeared to be a human male but she couldn't be sure as he was still wearing armor and had a vibrosword strapped to his back.

She was about to remove the helmet when she suddenly felt something: A disturbance in the force. She reached out and felt...something that made her fur stand on edge.

"Keep alert. I can sense...something. Some sort of danger near by." She whispered to Tyler.
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