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((Alrighty, after this post, Light and LDR's post and MisFicWriter's post we'll have our three day timeskip))


"Well, I'm not against leading either, but we really shouldn't drag this out. Here is an idea that should suit everyone: Vlalkor takes up the leadership role, and I'll be his second-in-command. This way, if he should be absent for whatever reason, I can give direction without another one of these discussions, and, if any major decisions shall be made, he will consult me as an advisor. How does that sound?"

Vlalkor let out a sigh of relief. That sounded good to him. Truth be told, he was content to be a solder for the time being and was going to suggest that Light be leader but this also worked.

"Sounds good to me." He said to the others as Corsail and Light left the room and Avriela followed the two of them. She got into the medbay just as Corsail was put in the tank. She put his blaster on the table next to the tank and quietly left. Vlalkor watched as they left and then headed to the bridge and began his work on the ship's damaged systems.

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