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Spent yesterday with a friend and her two kids, both toddlers, at the Aquarium. Fun! Although most of the best exhibits were closed for renovations. I'm glad I can get the tickets for free, as it would have been pretty disappointing had we spent a ton of money to get in. The kids had a great time anyway though. It's great to watch the world through the eyes of kids, to whom everything is a new experience. And it was good to catch up with my friend, who I haven't seen since before Christmas.

Watched Life Of Pi with mom last night. Left me thinking. Pretty deep... although on the surface, it's just an interesting story and pretty movie, you can really think a lot about the topics they touch on if you so desire. I did...

Long week ahead of me. Yay.

They booked events all day Easter Sunday here. That proved to be an unpopular move. A lot of us already had family plans. I know I did... it being one of the 3 days a year my entire extended family can actually manage to all get together in one place.

I hope that doesn't become a trend. What's next? Thanksgiving and Christmas concerts? 4th of July? I already work New Year's Eve and Labor Day most years for the college. What else do they want?!?? [/rant]

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