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"On the contrary, I never make a mistake when it comes to one from the family that is my blood feud enemy. A shame that it must be carried on to the offspring."

Varith dropped to the ground as the Sith ignited his lightsaber and countered the attack only to extend his hand and unleash a stream of force lightning at Tyrannus at close range. He growled in pain as some of the lighting went back up his arm and shocked him but he kept unleashing it on Tyrannus while Alriana froze for just a moment as the force wave headed towards her. She quickly force jumped out of the way of it and raised her lightsaber in a defensive stance as she used the force to try and push Tyrannus back against the wall.

She could sense Jun-la and Xandros approaching quickly and transmitted a message to her that was laced with no small amount of panic in it.

Jun-La...Tyrannus knows! He said that he intends to carry out of the blood feud on my baby!

"Best come up with it now."

"First we're going to drive him back into a corner and then as soon as he makes a mistake and his defenses go down even for a moment we're going to hit him with everything we've got. Thats just the first idea. That or we can stun him with a flash bang and just kill him when he tries to send it back."

Death's Head

"An old enemy has come back Admiral."

Belina shook her head. "We've got quite a few enemies Tavaryn but I'm going to assume since the alarms aren't going off it has something to do with Alriana and where she is. Is there anything I can do to help you with this enemy?"
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