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Jun-La...Tyrannus knows! He said that he intends to carry out of the blood feud on my baby!

Jun-la could hear the panic in Alriana. She had every right to be afraid since she knew the full extent of what it meant to be in a blood feud. It didn't help at all that Jedi dotted the family line and members were in prominent positions. As far as she knew, Tyrannus was the one true threat. She sent, We're coming. Don't be afraid.

She turned her attention towards Xandros, "All right brother of the Shadows this enemy is one that has declared the line of the Heart of the Guardian a sangtahut. May grace be with us." She drew her lightsaber and prepared to strike.

Death's Head

We've got quite a few enemies Tavaryn but I'm going to assume since the alarms aren't going off it has something to do with Alriana and where she is. Is there anything I can do to help you with this enemy?

Tavaryn turned to look out and then back at Belina. "It is an old enemy going back to the days of Kirabaros, the Heart of the Guardian. My family is from that line. It is complicated but I will not see my children harmed by it. Is there a way to get to that station?"

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