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Death's Head

Both you and Alriana have saved my life more times then I can count and I refuse to see any of you or your children hurt. Take anything you need. The fastest ship aboard the Death's Head is most likely one of those new one man resistance fighters we've been working on. Heavily armed and faster than anything else we've got. But be careful: There are a few glitches with the targeting scanners.

Tavaryn listened. He could make it if he pushed it. "That might do."

He made a motion with his head as if to listen. I am coming moi chroi. He picked up his helmet to his battlesuit and started walking.


Tyrannus was rather pleased at the resistance. He made a big show of being weakened by the onslaught of energy. When he had them drawn in, he stood up and sent a powerful wave against them and moved with his lightsaber drawn. He slashed at the Cathar Jedi with quick arcs and unleashed lightning on the Shinigami.

Jun-la had felt that but used her momentum to protect Alriana. She didn't want anything to happen to the baby since it was family. Family protected family even to the death. "You all right," she asked.

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