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Death's Head

"That might do."

"I hope is does." Belina said quietly as Tavaryn walked away towards the hanger. She walked over to the wall and hit the intercom and opened up a channel to the hanger bay.

"This is Admiral Belina. Tavaryn Onashi has my authorization to take one of the prototype Guardian class fighters out. Get one of them ready for departure at once."

"At once Admiral."

She watched as Tavaryn headed for the lift that would take him to the hanger bay. "Good luck Onashi." She said quietly.


Varith couldn't help but shout out in pain as one of the lightsaber strikes hit his leg. It cut deeply into his leg but it wasn't nearly enough to sever the leg. He forced himself to force jump backwards and let out a roar of anger and pain as he used what was left of his strength to unleash a massve amount of lightning at Tyrannus.

WHY WON'T YOU DIE?!" He yelled as his rage got the better of him as he force jumped into the air and brought his lightsaber down on Tyrannus. He brought the saber down over and over again on Tyrannus with furious, angry strikes.

Xandros was force to break off his attack against Tyrannus and was forced to go on the defensive to deflect the lightning. He looked over at Varith and his eyes widened in alarm. "Your leaving your defenses open you fool!" he shouted out urgently.

I am coming moi chroi.

I'll be waiting with open arms. she sent back as Jun-la ran into the room.

"You all right,"

Alriana nodded. "I've been better but so far I'm okay." She said quietly as she watched as Xandros and Varith continued battling it out with Tyrannus. The Cathar dark jedi was getting angrier and was continuing his assault even with his wounded leg.

"How exactly are we going to kill him?" She asked.
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