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"Erm, pleasure to meet you Mr. Schtormchild of the... Wesht?" Aya smiled, trying to keep her confidence up. "And, no, this isn't my sister," she said of the beautiful Aeron sitting next to her, "but it's very kind of you to ask. Just as it is kind of her to call me a..." Aya uttered a small chuckle, pleased by the slightly embarrassing compliment. "...a lady. I'm just a merchant, really."

Aya's right eyebrow slowly arched as she regarded first the drunken ranger and his glass of water, and then proud assertive female warrior with her glass of water, and then looked at her own glass of... clear liquid.

She sniffed it. It only had a slightly salty smell--minerals, perhaps. She picked up the glass and swirled it around. It didn't cling to the glass, nor did it run off too quickly--much like water did. She held the glass towards the window's light. It appeared clear, no particulates in it--so it was clean. Still... it was highly unusual for so many people to be drinking just 'water' in a tavern. There had to be something wrong with it! Was it enchanted water?

She carefully set the glass down. She'd just wait for her milk and cookies for Bob.

"So, m'lady," Aya said tentatively to the elegant Aeron, not certain whether to bow or curtsy or what, "are you and your fine horse travelling with the caravan today?"

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