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((Alright, time for the three day timeskip))

Three Days Later

Vlalkor manned the controls of the Shan as the damaged ship gently settled in the hanger at the Olaris Republic base. There had been a few occasions where the Hyperdrive had began to develop problems due to the damage the ship had sustained on Balmorra. Hopefully the repair crews could repair some of the damage while the group took care of Voleran.

"Taris control. This is the Shan on special assighment from the Jedi Council. We have sustained damage on Balmorra and require repairs immediatly."

"Acknowledged Shan. Damage assement in progress...How exactly did you lose your laser cannons?"

"Rogue force user on Balmorra and blaster fire. Hyperdrive and the hull took quite a bit of damage as well.

"Acknowledged Shan. We'll put you on the top of the repair list. Are you able to compile a full list of damage to repair?"

"We did so in orbit. You've got your work cut out for you. Shan out."

Vlalkor turned to look at the group. "Well, we've arrived on Taris. Now we just need to track down our force user and take him out. Any ideas on where to start looking?"
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