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Angry Problem with Dark Jedi npcs!!! please help!!


Please can someone help l'm having a weird problem l downloaded one mod that turns all Dark Jedi robes at Kotor black but when l fight them they attacked me with one move and then l'm dead l don't understand please help !!! l checked all my mods that l downloaded and l checked are there any bugs on those mods and still nothing those Dark jedi still keep killing me with one move the mods l use at Kotor:

1)Black robed jedi

2)improved malak

3)improved Juhani

4)Darth Revan robes 4.0

5)Bettered Mandalorian armors

6)Prequel robes mod

Please help!! l'm having this problem for the first time

Who you are light or dark hmm!!!

Galak Fayar to Thrawn conversion mod 2.0 for JKO


Sith lord Desann skin for JKO
link :
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