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Tyler took out a couple of knives and jumped up to a crouching position once the Sand People were about three strides from Varias. Two found knives in their throats, and Tyler had another pair in his hands.

Another of the Sand people appeared moved to fire on Varias. He rounded the dune, and he would have been in a good position to flank, had he not come across a group of low lying rocks. He was quickly dispatched, and now lay in the position Tyler had hidden himself in. Tyler saw five still moving in from the direction where his knives had dropped a pair.

I'm surprised they didn't send more to flank, considering...

Another trio rounded the dune,They have blasters! and Tyler threw the knives he held at the two who weren't using gaffi sticks, and charged the one with the gaffi stick with a low tackle taking him to the ground. The raider was more worried about keeping Tyler off of him than hitting him, using the gaffi stick and both hands to press him back. Tyler drew one of his three remaining knives and slipped it in from below the rib cage and up, diving into the heart. He removed his blade and turned to see how the Cathar had fared.
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