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Tyler saw the sniper as he fired the shot, and thought he was done for. Luck was on his side, as the sniper missed his first shot. Tyler sheathed his held knives and rolled to the duo that he had taken with his thrown knives and plucked the knives from the corpses, returning his knife count to five.

There was no time to grab one of their blasters, so he kept moving around the dune, hoping to avoid more sniper fire. However, he ran directly into a group of five wielding gaffi sticks. With the advantage of surprise, he managed to cut one's throat, and push him towards his comrades as he bled out, knocking two down.

One of the two left standing quickly tried to retaliate, but Tyler dodged to the right and used the hilt of his knife to crush his opponent's temple. The second of the two took advantage of that moment to hit him in the arm, sending a wave of pain shooting through it. This one found a knife in his chest a second later. The other two were back to their feet and circling.

Tyler dove to the ground and tried to hide under one of the corpses as the pair, at first confused, were hit with blaster bolts, adding their number to the corpses.

Strange, I thought they had smaller parties than this..And what is with those weapons? That ship might have brought a larger group than normal, I suppose, but something is off.
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