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Originally Posted by machievelli View Post
How is that hypocritical?
The US, wanted to stop the proliferation of nuclear arms after they had developed them, and in fact used them in war time. Then wants no other country to posess them(in 1947)... On top of that they ended up being one of two countries with enough nuclear weaponry to destroy Jupiter. I find that just a tad hypocritical.
Originally Posted by machievelli View Post
Above I commented that one nation called for a full ban of nuclear weapons. That was after the UN started, and the US offered before the Security Council to not only turn over all of the weapons to UN control, but to assist the UN in collecting every scientist that could have created more, and I mean every scientist, including our own.

That attempt failed because two countries vetoed it, the Soviets and France.

The Nuclear proliferation treaty was suggested by us, true, but except for India, who refused to sign it, and the NKs who have repudiated it (After developing them mind).

Why do you think Robert Heinlein wrote the long watch where the UN has the bomb and the hero is working to stop a coup d'etat within the troops that have them? It was written while the debate went on to ban them forever.

Want to try to answer the second part? What nation has repudiated them for all time?
I actually don't know the answer to the second part. I remember reading something about Canada getting rid of theirs, but lets face it, they didn't need them as a MAD deterrent. But I would like to know the right answer. BTW It was India, Pakistan, and Israel that didn't sign on(If I remember correctly. Been forever since I was interested in nukes).

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