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Heh, my problem is that I see this as a bit of a slippery slope. And it seems that it's just going to continue. I remember in 1986 hearing them talk of getting rid of the dangerous machine guns because "Nobody needs an automatic weapon to kill a deer."(ignoring the fact that the only machine guns used in crimes were ILLEGAL machine guns) Yet just recently that exact phrase was used with "automatic weapon" replaced by "30 rounds" by Cuomo. Neglecting the fact that the second amendment does not state "the right to keep and bear HUNTING arms." If you fudds let this go, next it will be "Nobody needs to shoot a deer from 1000 yards away" as they go for your "sniper" scopes. Then "Nobody needs more than a .243" Then as they limit rounds lower and lower... One day maybe these fudds will realize that when they called a .223 a "High Powered Assault Bullet" their .308, or .30-06 wouldn't be long for this world either.

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