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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
The US, wanted to stop the proliferation of nuclear arms after they had developed them, and in fact used them in war time. Then wants no other country to posess them(in 1947)... On top of that they ended up being one of two countries with enough nuclear weaponry to destroy Jupiter. I find that just a tad hypocritical.
I understand why people look at this as hypocritical, and I understand how this fits in with certain people's disdain for the US (not saying you specifically)...but I always tell people that make that argument to consider this: imagine if no one, including the US, had a nuclear arsenal except for a country like North Korea/Iran who had been secretly building them.

Yes, I know that the US and many of its allies have a huge nuclear arsenal...but let's keep in mind that this isn't the same country back when it almost came to blows with the Soviets. You can't tell me that the United States hasn't handled nuclear supremacy with the responsibility that a superpower should have. We don't flaunt our weapons in military parades or even make mention of nuking people if we don't get our way.

The technology exists, and there is nothing to stop that anymore. If it was possible, I wish humanity could rewind and never even conceived of nuclear technology, but that can't happen. Yes it may be a little bit hypocritical, but at the same time, the world is and should feel much safer knowing that a country like the United States has nuclear supremacy instead of all the other less enticing options (that includes places like Israel).

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