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Originally Posted by VeniVidiVicous View Post
Both of ye missed my point, i'm not saying practicing a military drill is the same thing as declaring war or preparing to declare war.

I personally don't think the North Koreans are stupid enough to declare on the South while the world police are backing them, I still disagree with the sanctions imposed on countries (including NK) by the US/UN.
You missed my point. Claiming that maneuvers are only a disguise for an actual attack is BS, but it's not our BS, it's theirs.

As for protesting against sanctions, the UN has only two options in this case; one, sanctions, and as I pointed out in later posts, there are ways around them. The second is actually calling on member nations to force compliance

Which would you prefer? At least the US isn't even hinting that we might be considering a preemptive strike, which under the UN charter (article 51) is a perfectly legal response, even if we used nukes.

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