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Originally Posted by machievelli View Post
Israel has been a member without firing off even a test bomb, since the mid 60s. If you need to know why, look at the simple demographics; less than 4 million people surrounded by nations with over one hundred million people who have screamed 'death to Israel' since the late 40s. As much as the US's enemies claim Israel survives only because of American support, remember that Israel has it's own weapons industry for every weapon they might need. They have this for a very simple reason. They can't guarantee that an outside supplier will keep selling to them. When the oil nations protested European support, threatening to cut oil sales, they backed down. When the US started airlifting replacement equipment into Israel after the Russians had already done the same in the 70s during the Yom Kippur war, they carried out that threat.

So Israel developed their own ships from Italian designs, their own aircraft from French designs, and their own tanks from their own design.
The reason I brought up Israel in that situation is for the very reason you described. Literally the last place I would want nuclear weapons is in the Middle East. While I don't think that Israel shares many similarities with North Korea as a government, I do think that they share the same situation. Both are isolated countries geographically. Surrounded by people they call their enemies and backed (until recently) by a major world power.

A desperate and isolated country like North Korea or, if things deteriorate, Israel, is dangerous.

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