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The Phantom Menace Glitches (post any you know of)

Hello everyone. Although I am very new to the forums, I am very experienced with the Phantom menace. To this day, I devote time in finding glitches within the Phantom Menace game and discovering other secrets about the game, it's characters, and it's mechanics. Still, I know there is many things I have not discovered about the Phantom Menace. Thus, I am curious to know of all the glitches people have found on the game within this forum. Please post your glitch and also how you come across that glitch. If Master Qui Gon is reading this, know this: I know that you like to exploit glitches regarding Darth Maul but there is a way you can fight two Darth Mauls at the same time in a level(There are also a ton of things that you have yet to discover too). Zanzibar, I hope you are still viewing these posts because I have discovered things such as that will blow your mind (there are also several things I want to ask you). Anyways, please post all the glitches/secrets below if you know of any and also include how you came across/exposed that glitch.
Also, I would appreciate if anybody could tell me a way to unlock and view the game level files.
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