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Originally Posted by Eefluxx View Post
So a Black Hole comms dilemma.

As I have 3 50's now my first and main toon has 2 63 barrels and all 61 mods and enhancements. I can't really do anything more to him except the 63 stuff and maybe the Dreadguard earpiece and implants.

As I have nowhere near enough bh comms for those should I save my comms for 2.0 and let them be exchanged or use them and send the mods and stuff to my other 2 lvl 50's who have some 61's but mostly 56's?

And so far the Agent story has been the best in my opinion. Lots of twists and turns in it.
Black Hole Comms are going to be converted to Classic Comms in 2.0 at a ratio of 1:1. In 2.0 Classic Comms can be used to buy various things, most notably, Campaign Gear (current set piece 61 gear). The problem is that they will cost more, so like 100 Classic Comms for Campaign boots, where currently you can get Black Hole Boots and Gloves for 100 BH comms.

TL;DR: I'd say spend your BH comms now.

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