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Originally Posted by arsenalforever View Post
I just want to spawn a Gammorean. Which utc should I place in the override folder? What value should be assigned to Mod_OnModLoad? gamspawn101 or gamspawn?

And yeah, I have packed the module.ifo back into the .mod using the ERF editor (Tools->Add resource->module.ifo)

What value should I assign to Mod_OnModLoad? It's currently set to gamspawn. And why do we have to execute "k_501_enter" in gamspawn101?
Did you ever make a .utc file? The CreateObject funtion gets the template resref from a .utc in the override folder and spawns it in-game. No .utc, no spawn in-game.Just open a gamorrean .utc file in Kotor Tool, edit the tag to be "dgon", the conversation to be the name of whatever dialogue you want, and the template resref in one of the tabs to be the same as in the calls to CreateObject.

And as for executing the k_501_enter, we replaced the text so that script isn't run. So, to make the game still play like normal, we execute the scipt ourselves.

Also, you need to have gamspawn101 in the module.ifo field.

Try that and see if it works, okay? Don't forget the tutorial on .utc files that I posted in one of my earlier posts.

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