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Originally Posted by Bob Saget View Post
The third season was boring, it was focused mostly on Padme and corruption in the senate, and stuff. Repetitive, and terrible.
No, it wasn't. There were 5 episodes with Padmé on a season with 22 episodes. Season 3 had various great arcs: Kamino, Nightsisters, Mortis, Citadel, and Trandoshan. Not to mention the various episodes that complete previous arcs.

Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
Yeah, I don't think the movie belonged in movie theaters, but it would've been a solid "special" on TV. As you said, a good introduction.
I agree. By putting it in theaters, people expected Pixar-like quality and budget, and unfortunately the movie was judge as such. Still, it made a good amount of money which supposedly helped make the series what it is (was) today.

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