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Originally Posted by VeniVidiVicous View Post
This, doe's not address what I said:

So i'll repeat, why is it okay for NK and Iran to be sanctioned due to possible nuclear ambitions while it's assumed that your country is perfectly entitled to have them?
Can you not see how that's hypocritical??
The nuclear weapons owned by the US predate the existence of the UN, and was only built to the extremes it once had because of the threat of attack on the West by the Soviets. Once that threat was gone, both sides have been reducing that arsenal, because they are no longer necessary at that level. That is how the major nuclear powers went from the 80,000 odd warheads we once had to about 15,000 now.

The NPT is not a demand for whole scale nuclear disarmament worldwide. It was a solemn pledge signed by the existing nuclear powers not to help others gain the weapons, and by those who did not to refrain from developing them on their own.

As for the UN just staying out of it, the government of NK has told their own people for sixty years that they only lost the warwas because of interference from the West, and that at any moment we're going to start that war again. They have this paranoid fantasy that every American goes to bed and dreams of how to kill one tiny nation smaller than just about every American State just because we didn't beat them back in the 50s.

But unlike the Chinese intervention of 1950, Kim is saying that with the few nukes he has, he's big enough to start that war again, and considering the possible ecological damage to the region, it isn't a matter of whether he's big and bad enough; it's how many of his own will die when the retaliation comes.

Think of it this way; the last time a nuke was dropped in anger was in August of 1945, more than eight years before I was born. The total casualties from nuclear weapons, including all of the long term deaths have been less than 300,000.

Yet you expect the UN to do nothing while Kim could fire off a single warhead at what would be euphemistically call a 'legitimate' target and increase that worldwide toll by a thousand percent with one blast?

In comparison, this is one guy in one small town of a couple of hundred people who decides he has the legal right to demand the others let him do what he wants because he just bought an illegal gun.

If the UN just stays out of NK's business as you so cogently put it, they lose the moral right to expect anyone else in the world to refrain from war just because they want to.

Korea said they would not develop nukes, they lied. Strike one.

They stole the material from a legitimate legal use, their own power plant. Strike two.

Now they are pretty much threatening every neighbor that for whatever reason is host to an American base. Strike three.

The only reason they are not out, is the same reason a cop doesn't just step out of his car and open fire on a criminal fleeing the scene of a robbery.

The problem from my point is that the horrible nasty Americans will end up pulling that trigger for the UN, and I think we would rather not kill another twenty odd Million to stop yet another madman.

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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