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Corsail had only been out of the kolto tank for several hours, and he felt a little dizzy.

"Well, we've arrived on Taris. Now we just need to track down our force user and take him out. Any ideas on where to start looking?"

He shrugged, "I'm not very familiar with Taris. I've heard about the rakghoul plauge and how dangerous it is, but none of my jobs ever sent me here, so i've never seen the surface."

"I wish I knew a way, because even though I've been trained to ferret out deception, my Masters never mentioned how to tell someone possessed from someone free in the Force. I did ask about such things, but they said it was too dangerous."

"Do you think they would display lack of emotion? If they're being controlled, I would think the controller would have a hard time putting fake expressions over so many at one time, since his influence apparently spans over several worlds. I don't know much about how his power is supposed to work so i'm just making guesses."

Lets rock and role play!

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