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"Stay with the child. If we can get her back to the Hawk..."

"Understood." Alriana said quietly as Xandros continued fighting it out with Tyrannus who quickly changed his tactics by grabbing the Cathar child with the force.

Alriana's face lost its color as the child let out a scream of fear as she felt the grip on her. At the sound of her scream, Varith's eyes snapped open.

"Perhaps you have already failed in that there are things I know that ate tantilizingly good. Tell me this: how far does one go? It is a question you should ask the one responsible for the state of your Jedi now."

Xandros immediatly dropped back as the sith grabbed the cathar child in a force grip. He could sense that this sith was powerful and he assumed that he wouldn't hesitate to use the child as a shield against his attacks.

Xandros paused for a moment as a moment of confusion set in. "What are you talking about? What exactly has happened to Jedi Alriana?"

Behind Tyrannus, Varith was trying to get to his feet. He knew that he was badly wounded but there was no chance he would allow this sith to kill his only remaining family.
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